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By drduren
September 08, 2011
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Key Points To Know About Periodontal Disease


Facts As To What Causes Periodontal Disease


1.      Bacterial Induced Infection – There are over 350 bacterial species found in the oral cavity, 12-15 of these are considered periodontal specific and can be used as “markers” to confirm the existence of periodontal disease.

2.      Host Immune Response – describes an inadequate or unregulated immune response by the body that may be associated with other compromised body systems.

3.      Risk Factors – Broken down into things we can control such as restorative needs, tooth mobility, teeth grinding, stress, and smoking (the #1 factor). Then there are those things we can not control such as Age, ethnicity, chronic illnesses, diabetes, hormonal or genetic factors, AIDS, and other deficiency diseases.



Clinical Diagnostic Signs


In the early stages of the disease the destructive inflammatory process occurs without signs or symptoms.  Once the clinical signs or discomfort is present, the disease process may be will under way:

1.        Bleeding upon brushing or probing – relates to tissue health.

2.        Gum pocket depths – related to gum recession and vertical loss of attachment.

3.        Tooth mobility – generally caused by tooth supported bone loss.

4.        Gum pocket bacteria – may demonstrate pus or exudates.  Antibiotics may be necessary.



Rationale For Treatment


Long-term research supports non-surgical intervention for the treatment of most classes of periodontal disease.  The critical mass concept implies that if the quantity of bacterial stimuli such as plaque or calculus in maintained below the host’s reparative ability, then healing takes place.  Root planning is an effective technique for debridement and remains the most important aspect of periodontal therapy for maintenance of gum attachment levels and control of plaque induced diseases.


Treatment Goals


  1. Attain Tissue Health, a shallower gum pocket through shrinkage of the soft tissue wall with clinical gain in gum attachment levels.
  2. Reduction of the inflammatory process in the surrounding tissues with the elimination of bleeding.  Consistent absence of bleeding is 99% predictive of disease inactivity.
  3. Conversion of the bacteria within the gum pockets to those compatible with health
  4. Attain a root surface that is biologically compatible with maintenance and reformation of a healthy and functional gum attachment .


By contactus
August 30, 2011
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A brief update for all of our iPhone and iPad users

Two things for you to note:  1)  The entire web site is now available to mobile Apple format users.  Previously, our managers had use a "contact page" for mobile device access to our web site.  The reason was that Apple formats do not acknowlege "Flash" files used so much within web sites.  If you use an Apple device, you already know this. 

That leads to the next note: 2) "Flash" files used on our web site have been changed to a "static" image for all mobile Apple devices.  That makes almost all of the site available to your mobile phone or pad.  The other exception is in the area where videos are available to demonstrate different aspects of dentistry.  Those videos are not available to Apple mobile devices and will show a blank screen.  In total, those videos are a small part of all the information found within our libraries, so you will not be missing very much while you are mobile. 

I suspect that most of our patients will use their mobile devices to contact us for information or to make an appointment and then access the libraries from a desk top computer from home that should play any "Flash"files.

The "New Patient" page should be updated this week. Expanded information will be available, as will the option to download most "New Patient" forms that you could complete at your lesiure prior to your appointment.

Let us know if you have questions or are having problems using our web site.


By contactus
August 15, 2011
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Well, the time has finally arrived.  We are now "live" on the Internet with our first website.  You can reach our site by entering,,  There is so much on the new site that we have not been able to find time to read it all.  As those of you who have websites know, there is a lot of initial work that goes into preparing the personal articles, getting images of staff and others.  Needless to say, most of the doctor's spare time has been spent, first learning how to negotiate the website and then how to edit those areas that he can. 

Now, that leads to something that all of you can do for us, if you would. As you can guess, because we have created and edited so much of the text, especially the text related to our staff and the personalized side of our office,  there has been, there still is, and there will be errors that we have not found.  Most will be spelling or mistyping errors, but some could be in content.  Please do not hesitate to let us know when you find something that does not make sense or is just wrong.  Your advise is needed and would be appreciated.  Additionally, if you have some subject that you would like discussed, please ask if we could include information about that subject either on the Blog or within the site.

Our goal is two-fold; first, to provide information about our practice, what's new in dentistry and provide a place for our dental families to learn about current issues in dentistry and what may be available, in terms of treatment, or just of interest to them. Secondly, we hope the site and information found herein will be informative and helpful for those of you who are looking for a "dental home".  Our hope is that our website will afford our current patients and thecommunity in general, to become better informed about issues concerning their own oral health and current dental treatments.  Additionally, it is our desire that you learn more about the dental team of professionals who provide the dental care for our patients.. 

We plan, from time to time, to include special articles of interest on current trends in dentistry and issues that we believe are important to our patients.  Times are changing very rapidly and how we do dentistry, especially in the digital world, is changing also.  There are so many new products available that allows the dentist better ways to solve the same old problems of the past and new treatment modalities that allow us to do things more comfortablly, faster, more cosmetically, and with more durability.  The doctor and our staff are committed to regularly participating in continuing education that gives us the opportunity to stay abreast of a changing dental world.  Dr. Duren, with 40+ years in dentistry, understands just how important it is to be on the cutting edge of the ever changing technologies in our profession.

Welcome, to our website!  Feedback from you is so important for us and helps to maximize our ability to communicate more effectively with you.